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Photo credit © Brian V. Jones

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"Besides his magic over the keyboard and the chessboard, Covington had developed a penchant for making coins disappear and performing elaborate magical stunts. At age 13 or 14, he cultivated a fascination with magic after seeing the magician Blackstone on the Ed Sullivan Show.  Covington has talked candidly about the origins of magic in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and mentioned that its practitioners were burned at the stake for practicing "witchcraft." This happened until the late 1500s when Reginald Scott demystified the craft by writing a book demonstrating the techniques." 

"Everything in life is based on patterns," Covington says. "All the disciplines I'm in kind of link together. When I was 14 or 15, I saw a magician on TV who astounded me, so I went to the library to find books about magic. I studied them until I learned all I could. Then I began creating my own tricks."

Covington is a professional magician and has published a manuscript for magicians that is sold in magic shops nationwide.


Asked about his repertoire, Charles claimed,  "A good magician can do any kind of trick. I just use whatever is around me." He often attended Magician Conferences where magicians would do close-up shows and highlight up-and-coming magicians. Megastar David Copperfield was often among the attendees. 

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